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This is where the color dial goes to eleven

The shape of grief            30 x 40    Oil on Canvas 

DSC_0005 copy 5.JPG

Thread, Spindle, and Scissors                     Prints Available


Casual Cathedral            24 x 36             Acrylic on wood

The crow and the rose                    Prints Available


Rainbow ties      24 x 36    Acrylic on wood panel

The Ring Road              30 x 24        Acrylic on wood panel

The Basement tapes           36 x 36        Acrylic on wood panel

The Bee's Bar                 30 x 40      Acrylic on canvas

Dog walk, Tree bark            24 x 48             Acrylic on Canvas

On top of a tall nothing        28 x 28         Oil on wood panel

The Haymaker's daughter       18 x 26            Acrylic on wood panel

Red          20 x 30            Acrylic on wood panel

DSC_0002 copy 2.JPG

The Fourth           20 x 30         Acrylic on wood panel

Images of my emergence         30 x 30           Oil on wood panel


Soap Opera           40 x 40            Acrylic on wood panel

Marilee, life is but a dream      30 x 30              Acrylic on wood panel

Gas tanks and Gas bags             24 x 30             Acrylic on canvas

DSC_0002 copy 4.JPG

Creek in three      24 x 30            Acrylic on canvas

Tower away from the bottom           24 x 24        Oil on wood panel

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