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The Earth in Shapes, Brah

I see you              45 x 45            Acrylic on wood panel

6:30 AM               25 x 25        Acrylic on wood panel

Grenada painted in geometries

Grenada by Euclid   24 x 36   Acrylic on wood panel


Jess's House                Prints Available


Germania    24 x 36    Oil on wood panel

Nacchi's Cloud      40 x 34      Acrylic on wood panel

Too Loose        24 x 36      Oil on canvas

Good Morning Dave                        Prints available  


Collapsing Bern          60 x 48         Oil on canvas

Dave's Campus       50 x 48     Oil on canvas

Courtyard Dance         24 x 36     Oil on Canvas

Jordan by Dusk                60 x 50               Oil on canvas

Closet Slip               16 x 20       Acrylic on wood panel


Godeye (lionshead)           60 x 48        Oil on canvas


Afternoon Owls          24 x 36        Oil on Canvas

Stiff Breeze             24 x 30            Oil on Canvas

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